Charlotte B. Collins


to Ridgecrest & Eastern Kern County, California

Registered & Bonded

Kern County LDA #142

Exp 6/18/2025

Assisting the public with preparing legal documents

I am not an attorney. I can only provide self help services at your specific direction.


 to Prepare Your Legal Documents

Prices do not include Court filing or County Recorder fees

  • Deed Services, $90 - $200
  • Essential Will Package:  Will, Healthcare Directive, Power of Attorney for Finances, Final Disposition, $315
  • Small Estate Probate, $2400
  • Power of Attorney for Finances, $90
  • Advance Directive for Healthcare, $90
  • Wills, $90 - $350
  • Revocable Living Trust, Restatement, Amendment, $800 - $1100
  • Irrevocable Trust, $1100
  • Complete Estate Package: Individual $1500, Couple $1800
  • Insurance Trust, $1800
  • Transfer on Death Deed, $125
  • Death of Transferor (Transfer on Death Deed) $150
  • Affidavit - Death of Trustee, or Joint Tenant, $150
  • Limited Conservatorship, $2,000
  • Name Change, $500
  • Non-Profit Incorporation, $1150
  • Personal Demand Letter, Cease and Desist Letter, $65
  • Letters for Personal & Business Purposes, $55 - $160
  • Contract, Lease $400 - $600
  • Promissory Note & Deed of Trust, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, $800
  • Trademark, Copyright Application, $1550
  • All services also available via Internet, phone or surface mail
  • Mobile service in Ridgecrest and to surrounding communities
  • Other Services: Please Ask!

Charlotte B. Collins, M.A., LDA

  • Legal Document Assistant, bonded, registered in Kern County, LDA #0142, Exp. 6/18/2025
  • Certificate Paralegal Studies, with Distinction, College of Professional & Global Education, California State University, Los Angeles, an ABA approved paralegal program
  • Member, California Association of Legal Document Assistants (CALDA)
  • M.A., Communications, California State University, Los Angeles
  • B.A., American Studies, California State University, Los Angeles


Mobile Notary Public

  • Mobile Service to your home or office within Ridgecrest or Eastern Kern County communities.
  • All notarial services offered. Fees set by law at $15 per signature. Travel fee charged depending on location and time or day service is needed.
  • Commission No. 2184186, County of Kern, Expires 3/22/2025.
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  • Call 626-622-8608 or email:


What is an LDA?

LDA stands for "Legal Document Assistant." A Legal Document Assistant (LDA) is an experienced professional who is authorized under California law to assist members of the public in preparing legal documents. However, an LDA is not an attorney, and cannot provide legal advice, or represent individuals in court.

LDA's have similar educational background as a paralegal, and are required by law to be registered and bonded in the county in which they have their principal place of business. (Business & Professions Code, Section 6400, et. seq.). I am registered and bonded in Kern County but am permitted under law to prepare legal documents for persons in any county in California.

What Can a Legal Document Assistant Do?

As an LDA, I can complete court forms for you at your direction, helping you to avoid pitfalls, and making sure that every important detail on a form is accounted for. As an LDA, I may also file the forms with the court, and serve them on the appropriate parties. In addition, I can prepare estate planning documents, deeds and property conveyance documents, as well as business and family law documents. See the list at the top of this page. As an LDA, I may also supply books and publications authored, written, or approved by attorneys, which you may use to help you with your matter. However, if your matter or a question about it exceeds the scope of an LDA's allowable services, I will refer you to an attorney.

What A Legal Document Assistant

Is NOT Permitted to Do?

  • Cannot represent you in court
  • Cannot give you legal advice
  • Cannot tell you what information should be inserted in the documents
  • Cannot interpret documents
  • Cannot select forms



in Ridgecrest & Eastern Kern County, California

Kern County LDA #0142

Exp. 6/18/2025

Ridgecrest, CA 93555